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Everyone always says how they want their relationships to be like Noah & Allie in the Notebook or Edward & Bella in Twilight, etc. Give me a relationship like Gomez and Morticia Addams any day.

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This totally did it for me.

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Reem Acra - Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2013

Reem Acra - Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2013

I think that you should visit him in an intimate, marital… trailer.

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Send or receive a personalized acceptance letter from Hogwarts that was “lost in the owl post” on Etsy. Now it all makes sense.

Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2014-15 Ready-to-Wear “Microcosmos”

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So half of these will have to go up in my office and the other half at my gym.

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Merry Fuckin’ Christmas!

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